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Tetrisly Design System is a carefully crafted UI library with design tokens in its DNA, coming along with the free Figma plugin to manage them.

A react library is coming soon to create the all-in-one product design ecosystem and to let design teams ship faster.

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Carefully crafted UI components, leveraging the idea of design tokens. Now you can easily customize and start designing right away to deliver faster.

  • Color tokens and aliases (Gamechanger). Each component is prepared based on color tokens which is a semantic representation of the color that helps understand how or when the token should be used.

  • Focus on product delivery. Don't waste time reinventing components. Save money by replacing this process with a tool that does it all.

  • No more junk components. Get rid of junk inside your library. Ensure it only has carefully selected and customizable components without UX mistakes.

  • Colors are contrast-based and intuitive. Scalable and consistent system.

  • Tetrisly Icon Library - clean, consistent and pixel-perfect icon set

  • Documentation and React components are in progress

  • There are over 400 experienced designers and developers behind Tetrisly

  • Constantly updated with auto-layout, smart variants, properties and nested instances

  • Knowledge from world-class specialists

The previous Tetrisly product was loved by teams around the world. We accumulated over 18,000 users across the globe and much positive feedback.

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